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<h1>SO you wanna use the IRC?</h1> <br><br>
<p>For that we ask you to please keep the following in mind since its mirrored to our discord server:</p>
<p>1. No harassment, hate speech, racism, sexism, trolling, stereotype based attacks, or spreading harmful/false information. You may be banned immediately and without warning or recourse.</p>
<p>2. Do not post anything that is NSFW. If you are unsure if it's considered NSFW you shouldn't post it.</p>
<p>3. Do not ask for money or any other goods (such as games or Nitro). Likewise, do not advertise/sell your services, products, bots or servers.</p>
<p>4. Do not stir up drama. If there is a conflict, work to defuse it instead of making it worse.</p>
<p>5. Do not mention or DM inactive members who aren't part of the present conversation. Don't bother Admins (or anyone else) with any queries. This rule doesn't apply if you're mentioning someone with whom you have some kind of mutual relationship.</p>
<p>6. Refrain from using too many special characters in your current display name. A couple of special symbols are fine so long as there is a normal alphanumeric name that people can easily type. For example, "ExampleName " is fine, but "♙ εχ𝕒м𝐩𝕃𝒆n𝐀𝓶𝔢 " is not.</p>
<p>7. Please be mindful of channels and their uses, failure to do so may result in loss of access to the channel. Bringing something up once is alright, however starting a long discussion about something that belongs in another channel, or posting the same thing across multiple channels, is not.</p>
<p>8. Users in direct violation of Discord's Terms of Service will be banned without warning. This includes the use of userbots or not meeting the minimum age requirement.</p>
<p>9. Check the description in each channel before posting as extended rules may exist for that channel. (Kinda useless in this case doe lol)</p>
<p>10. If a staff member tells you to stop doing something then you should stop doing that thing.</p>
<p>11. No content related to piracy or illegal activities.</p>
<p>12. Do not attempt to take support or other requests outside of the server as we cannot ensure your or the user's safety from scams, trolling and abuse. This includes suggesting the use of DMs or remote assistance tools (such as Quick Assist or TeamViewer).</p>
<p>13. No content which may induce epilepsy without first making a disclaimer and obstructing the content.</p>
<p>14. No typing in any other language than English; we cannot moderate different languages and most people here speak in English. Failure to oblige will result in a warning or mute.</p>
<p>15. Non contributive, incoherent behavior which is disruptive to the community and conversations will not be tolerated.</p>
<h1>TL;DR: Be Nice.</h1>
<h1>Failing to follow these rules will result in an IP ban</h1>
<p>512mb group 2017-2022</p>
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