Reno is the second iteration of the AWMTK-powered AwesomeWM config.
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Additional installation steps

  • lockscreen:
    • run
  • text copying in notifications list:
    • install xclip
  • brightness controls:
    • read ./udev/README
  • wallpapers path
    • change path argument in awesome/themes/reno98/config/wibar_top.json for wallpapers widget
  • MPD controls
    • install mpc
  • quick links
    • create links directory in the config directory
    • add .desktop files with of apps you want to show on the quick launcher
  • anti-aliased window corners (unity theme only)
    • install picom
    • drop the picom.conf file into your .config folder
    • enable picom to run on wm boot (read autostart)
  • autostart
    • create "autostart" directory in .config folder
    • drop .desktop files (files in /usr/share/applications) of apps you want torun on wm boot