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IRC Rules


512mb.org's Services are planned to being migrated/relaunched to/on Adastra7. Due to the current state of many services it was chosen to rather start fresh than to migrate all services 1:1 to adastra7. We will not delete any of your data but rather put it in cold storage. I hope you all had fun or some usecase for 512mb in the 4 years it's been running

More details to be published by 2023-04-01, None crutial services might be migrated/relaunched on adastra7 before that already, See below!

- crt

Current state of migrations

Media Server : All media has been copied over to Adastra7, Accounts however have been cleared, If you need your account back please message crt on discord, can be accessed here

Image Host : Migrated and automatic URL rewrite in place, can be accessed here

Mail Server : New mail server has been created, crucial domains have been transferred, DNS records have been set, some user accounts have been migrated through sync jobs, IF YOUR MAIL ACCOUNT IS MISSING PLEASE MESSAGE CRT ON DISCORD. new mailserver can be accessed here

Password Manager : New Server was made, this time using Vaultwarden instead of Bitwarden, no userdata was copied/migrated due to it being encrypted and a different Server being used, please export your passwords and reimport them on your new account here

Nextcloud : New Server was created, no userdata copied, if you wish for your account (including files) to migrated please message crt on discord after which you can access it here

Gitea : 1:1 migration done and automatic URL rewrite in place, can be accessed here

- crt

Current projects

Building a PBX

FusionPBX is very nice and all but it is missing some features that would be necessary for it to be used at my workplace. Since I do have some knowledge of PHP I've decided to try and implement the missing features myself. You can view my progress on 512mb's gitea.

- crt

Rework of Network

As of now 512mb's network is kinda messy, Which is why I'm planing on doing a full rework of 512mb's networks. These plans include things such as proper network seperation, less cable spaghetti, better documentation and much more.

- crt

Coding FPGAs

Currently doing a distance measurement project with sub-micrometer precision using entry-level FPGAs and Fourier transform.

- Dalibor

Building Reno

Reno is my next big desktop project, which was initially a continuation of my previous AwesomeWM config. The functionality of Reno has been growing ever since, and eventually I'm planning to add a GTK configuration app for it.

- Yessiest

Offsite backup

Since my old offsite backup solution is nolonger applicable I'm working on a new one which will either be on Hetzner servers or at someone elses place.

- crt

Building the tools

I'm practically the most active person on 512mb in terms of uploading to gitea, so you can find most of the stuff I do on 512mb's gitea page. Currently I'm building Heimdall - the bridge for all of my bots to connect XMPP, Discord, IRC, Mumble and so on.

- Yessiest

Who runs this madness?


I basically run most of this mess. 512mb is far from perfect but I will make sure that your data is safe here. I maintain this website and all the servers that run it.


Very good friend of mine, he is really active on our discord server and will probably be able to help you out with your issues if I am not available.

512mb members

Big thanks to Yessiest for developing the 512mb discord bot and keeping the community active. Also big thanks to all our members as well. You make up most of what 512mb is.

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