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Current Projects

One of them is always gona be adding more orange to this website!

Moving SBG 2.1

512mb's main server rack will be moving to a new location. Downtime may acure from 2021.12.16 to 2021-12-26! This new location will offer users faster download speeds for any service hosted at SBG 2.1

Getting ethernet done right

The new location gives us the ability to do custom ethernet cable installations. Something that has sofar been handled by premade cables that are often not the right length causing a mess of cables

Moving  to proxmox VE

To achieve the smallest amount of downtime all physical machines are currently being transferred to 512mb's main server.  So one box can do it all which means less downtime during the move.

Who runs this madness?

Mmm good question indeed.


Greetings, I'm the person who runs most of the physical parts of 512mb. Things like the servers, the domain, the irc and this website. So yea basically I run this madness of a website from my own home. The server are located in Switzerland and are enjoying premium coaxial connections.


Very smart person which is probably one of the most active member of the discord server, he is the main reason behind why 512mb exists. He thinks that renting a server would be better than me hosting this at my home, which indeed would improve reliability. But wheres the fun in that?

 Important people

Big thanks to Yessiest for developing the 512mb discord bot and keeping the community active. 

Also big thanks to all our members as well.

You make up most of what 512mb is.