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Very little storage indeed

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No problem! Our Discord server is mirrored to our IRC

If you wish to join using your own IRC client just use 512mb.org:6667 as the server address and join #general

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Current projects

Rework of this website

I've had enough of bootstrap studio and its annoying little perks which is why I've decided to redo the entire website which was what you're currently looking at.

- crt

Waiting on servers

Thanks to a friend of mine I will be getting some more server for my homelab, I do however have to find the time to go and pick them up. Their not new but their new enough for me to use them.

- crt

Coding FPGAs

Currently doing a distance measurement project with sub-micrometer precision using entry-level FPGAs and Fourier transform.

- Dalibor

Finishing up the

desktop environment

Been working on an AwesomeWM-based config that looks and feels like a proper desktop environment. Despite this, I haven't finished the v0.9 release. Looking forward to making it happen.

- Yessiest

Waiting for employment

Since I run this whole thing here at home and I currently still go to school, budget is tight. Therefore im looking forward to August when I will start working and my budget for 512mb increases.

- crt

Building the tools

From cybersec stuff to general utilities and configs, I'm optimizing my workflow wherever I can. Stuff that I find useful I maintain on

512mb's gitea page.

- Yessiest

Who runs this madness?


I basically run most of this mess. 512mb is far from perfect but I will make sure that your data is safe here. I maintain this website and all the servers that run it.


Very good friend of mine, he is really active on our discord server and will probably be able to help you out with your issues if I am not available.

512mb members

Big thanks to Yessiest for developing the 512mb discord bot and keeping the community active. Also big thanks to all our members as well. You make up most of what 512mb is.

Here you can spy on whos online right now.

Why not join yourself and have a rant about which distro is better?

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