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Current Projects

One of them is always gona be adding more orange to this website!

Building our own PBX

The current location where 512mb is at has the issue that people arround the apartment seem to be screaming around to get tech support, crt wants to set an end to this and make every room have a dedicated phone.

Dealing with Log4J

Log4j got crt's personal minecraft server hacked and that servers vm hard drive is now fully corrupted somehow. Since the server wasn't yet backed up offsite crt is currently searching thru his backup drives to see if he has a backup of the raid array where the server was on

Moving  to proxmox VE

Since crt thinks that keeping evertything on one box is a good idea thats what he is doing. He is basically moving everything to his proxmox nodes. This way he can manage everything without having to actually be there.

Who runs this madness?

Many people.


I'm the person who made 512mb. I'm crt, I like to mess with servers


He is person who is very smart and can fix lots of things , He is cool guy and is the person who made me create the 512mb group

Other important people

Big thanks to Yessiest for developing the 512mb discord bot and keeping the community active.
Also big thanks to all our members as well. You make up most of what 512mb is.